PU MIX Technologies was born to satisfy the needs of clients interested in

innovative high-tech solutions for the Polyurethane moulding industry

On the strength of a team with extensive experience in the field, PU MIX Technologies engineers, develops and manufactures plant and machines to dose, mix and pour Polyurethane. This is an enterprise that holds the requirements of each client to the highest regard and always provides highly customizable, cutting-edge installations.

Since its inception, PU MIX Technologies has decided to pursue a policy clearly oriented toward customers’ satisfaction and to focus heavily on problem solving. Thanks to that, the company has so far succeeded in developing a dynamic nature and a honest willingness to grow alongside its clients.

Our strengths are:

PROBLEM SOLVING: we regard every customer’s need or issue as an exciting challenge that must be addressed with the utmost efficiency.

KNOW-HOW: throughout our years in the field, we have gathered invaluable expertise in designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing and starting up complex polyurethane systems around the globe. This vast experience is put at our clients’ service every day.

CUSTOMIZED INSTALLATIONS: each one of our machines or plant can be fully tailored according to any specific requirement. If you have any specific need or demand, we can surely meet them!

FLEXIBILITY: high quality, consistent performances and competitive prices are the elements at the very core of all our endeavours.

These are the key elements of PU MIX Technologies’s success  at competing in this fast-paced, global PU market!