Our systems can be equipped with robots aimed at reducing the number of operators working on the machine for different types of processing, up to making the system completely automatic.

This is instrumental in raising the quality of the final product and also improving production consistency.

In addition to that, robots can be programmed to perform mould preparation, thus drastically reducing or eliminating any machine downtime.

These are just a few examples of possible applications:

  • Robots for applying Polyurethane paint.
  • Spraying robot for Polyurethane elastomers and/or compact Polyurethane (actions performed directly on the finished piece and/or on the moulds during the phase directly prior to moulding).
  • Extraction robots to remove the finished pieces.
  • Robots for applying release agents over moulds.
  • Casting robots to pour Polyurethane materials.

Each plant we manufacture can be customized according to the productivity and workload needs of each customer.

Moreover, even though dimensions are merely indicative, PU MIX has designed and built machines with diameters ranging from 3 m up to 18m.

Our robotic applications: