PU MIX automatic rotary plant are designed according to the distinct necessities of each client and they are ideal for the high-scale production of specific polyurethane products.

The size and configuration of each one of our turntables are diversified according to all the different requirements regarding materials, final articles and productivity. That is why these systems have such unique and flexible arrangements (i.e. variable number of stations). Furthermore, all these plant stand out for their versatility, since they can be used to manufacture articles ranging from automotive seats to furniture, bicycle seats, balls, pillows or any other product that can be made serially in huge quantities.

Mould-holders are designed to reduce labour costs and to maximize production efficiency, thanks to automated solutions driven by hydraulic / pneumatic / electric actuators.

High- and low-pressure casting and foaming machines are used to process Polyurethane components. These machines are equipped with specific solutions to run compact materials or flexible, rigid and integral skin foams.

Multi-axis systems (pouring trolleys and robots up to 6 axes) are implemented for the automatic distribution and injection of the mixed polyurethane into the moulds. A specific path can be uploaded via file into the system or preset via PLC (using coordinates), so that each mould is going to be filled according to the pre-set programs.

Moreover, a general control board are used to actually manage the entirety of such plant. with PLC units Said boards feature PC or PLC with dedicated Software where it is possible to set all process parameters (from cycles to speed and recipes, etc…).

All the automatic rotary tables that we supply are built with flexibility in mind, so that upgrades and new technical solutions may be added at a later date. In addition to guaranteeing the feasibility of future integrations, we always make sure that our clients gain the best return of their investments, without giving up on quality and high performances.

Finally, one of the services that set us apart the most is the personalization of the mould-holders in terms of dimensions, closing strength and movements. All these customizations allow each customer to make both their rotary tables and their products truly unique.

Our plants: