These are mixing and pouring machines for multi-component Polyurethane systems based on Polyether or Polyester. They are available with flow rates ranging from 50 g/sec up to a maximum of 2000 g/sec and with tanks of various sizes (from 20 lt up to 400 lt).

Aside from being highly customizable, all PU MIX foaming machines showcase the following essential features:

  • Frame in electro-welded steel.
  • Number of components adjustable according to the needs of each customer.
  • Pressurized stainless steel tanks with jacketed walls for diathermic oil bath, electrically heated by stainless steel bend heaters, to homogenize and heat quickly the various component.
  • Electric heating system and cooling system with heat exchangers on the return circuit of each material (temperature regulation is completely adjustable).
  • Pneumatic membrane pumps to load components automatically into the tanks.
  • High-accuracy dosing groups for each material, with the electronic control of mixing ratios and flow rates thanks to volume or mass flow meters.
  • Magnetic coupling for all dosing pumps, upon request.
  • Polyol pumps can be treated to dose filled or abrasive materials.
  • Dynamic mixing head mounted on a fixed arm or on a different pouring device (i.e. rotating arm, pouring trolley or anthropomorphic robot).
  • Low-pressure mixing head branded PU MIX.
  • Automatic washing system going directly to the mixing head.
  • General control board comprising an operating panel and a PLC with a dedicated software.
  • Complete adaptability to any kind of plant, both static and rotating.

Finally, our development team is always ready to study, experiment and implement new solutions. We are willing to try everything in order to adapt our standard foaming machines to the specific needs of each customer.