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(Sealings, Car Interiors, Soundproofing and Thermal Insulation)

These are plant designed specifically to satisfy the necessities of the leading companies competing in the market of Automotive accessories. We are capable of supplying such systems with: various levels of automation; rotary table of different dimensions; mould-holders of various sizes; and low or high-pressure foaming machines for integral or flexible foam.

These rotary tables are studied and aimed for large-scale production, with moulds featuring either single or multiple cavities. They are usually paired with anthropomorphic robots or pouring trolleys with controlled axes, in order to distribute / inject / apply Polyurethane materials, release agent and paints directly on the moulds.

We at PU MIX have also developed a technology to apply vacuum-sealed film on the moulds, so then it is possible to pour light foam directly inside the film. This method of production guarantees final articles with improved water-resistance and that are 65-70% lighter than the standard. Moreover, these improvements are also paired with a reduced consumption of raw materials during production, therefore also enhancing overall performances. All products obtained using this method are essential in the Automotive sector, both from an environmental and consumption standpoint, in a conscious attempt to minimize the waste of raw materials and fuel.

This plant is used to produce:
  • Car Interiors & Chassis
  • Filtri auto
  • Seats
  • Sedute e Sedili
  • Steering Wheels
  • Telai e Interni Auto
  • Volanti