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(Pillows/Mattresses in Flexible and/or Viscoelastic Foam)

PU MIX automatic systems for the production of pillows in flexible and viscoelastic foam guarantee a production of minimum 50 pieces/h up to a maximum of 400 pieces/h.

These Revol Mix plant consist of:

  • Rotary tables with customizable dimensions and variable number of mould-holders.
  • Mould-holders of considerable sizes, with book-wise opening / closing system and parallel movement (upon request).
  • Manual or automatic tilting of the mould-holders before and after pouring (actually, it can only be automatic after casting).
  • High-pressure foaming machines with variable flow rate and ratios.
  • Pouring trolleys or anthropomorphic robots for the distribution of Polyurethane inside the moulds.
  • Anthropomorphic robots to spray the release agent.
  • General control board, equipped with an integrated programmable logic control system and interconnected with a touch screen panel or a personal computer with a colour screen. The operator may use this to manage all the automations of the plant, like the input / output to / from the robot, the foaming machine and any other device implemented in the future. This board is also compatible with the connection to other PLCs and company networks.
  • Remote assistance via internet connection.
This plant is used to produce:
  • Articoli Medicali
  • Articoli Ortopedici
  • Attrezzi ginnici
  • Dentist Seats
  • Guanciali
  • Gym Equipment
  • Lettini Medici
  • Materassi
  • Matresses
  • Medical Articles
  • Medical Beds
  • Memory Foam
  • Memory foam
  • Orthopaedic Articles
  • Pillows
  • Seats
  • Sedute Dentisti