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SOL Mix (Banana)

(Soles, Fussbett, Slippers, Sandals and Shoes)

These are semi-automatic plant, following a curved or linear layout, that can be used to manufacture any type of soles, slippers, sandals, fussbett and shoes.

All these systems come together with foaming machines consisting of a dosing unit and a specific mixer to does components according to the selected recipe. These machines feature with stainless steel tanks with double jacketed walls for heating and cooling. Temperatures can be fully controlled throughout the whole circuits of all materials.

Stations are placed along a linear or semicircular frame. Mould-holders’ opening / closing system is manual, while the tilting system can be either manual (standard) or automatic (upon request). In addition to that, in order to facilitate mould change and avoid long production stops, a quick-mounting system may be implemented for moulds.

Finally, the Polyurethane mixing head is mounted on a movable beam, in order to allow the operator to cast the desired recipe over the relevant station. The interface display featuring the main process controls is mounted next to the mixing head, so that the user can program and activate the machine while remaining at their working position. A washing system to flush the mixing chamber at the end of each production cycle is also included.

It is also possible to add colour / additive / catalyst dosing units directly to the mixing head. Please note that each colour change is automatic, as there is no need to stop production in order to do so.

This plant is used to produce:
  • Articoli Medicali
  • Attrezzi ginnici
  • Balls
  • Bicycle Saddles
  • Car Interiors & Chassis
  • Fussbett
  • Fussbett/Insoles
  • Gym Equipment
  • Medical Articles
  • Motorcycle Saddles
  • Palloni
  • Seats
  • Selle per Biciclette
  • Selle per Moto
  • Soles/Outsoles
  • Suole